Make A Free iPod Stand

Make A Free iPod Stand

Patrick Norton

Props to the ever clever folks at BoingBoing

for tracking down the DIY iPod Stand.

Designed by the lad behind Lists and Diagrams, the DIY iPod stand can be yours for nearly nothing if you’re willing to download a PDF template, print it, paste it to cardstock, cut it out and fold it up. There are even a couple of stylish designs you can print out in color.

Could a free paper stand be as good as the dock that Apple formerly included inside the box each new iPod?

The designer offers a couple of warnings, “Make sure you use some pretty heavy card stock” and keep the docking cable plugged in, otherwise “it won’t stand up very well.”

And he only asks one thing in return, “if you do make one and like it, or even if you hate it, let me know!”

Seems like a fair deal.

If you want to build your own iPod stand from paper, click over to

DIY iPod Stand.

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