DRM Stripped From iTunes Downloads

DRM Stripped From iTunes Downloads

ExtremeTech Staff

Jon Johansen, also known as “DVD Jon,” has developed a new program that strips the DRM restrictions from iTMS, the software used to protect Apple Computer’s iTunes.

The new PyMusique utility ships in both Windows and Linux versions, the latter written using the Python language.

Like some of Johansen’s other software, the new PyMusique utility is of quasi-legal status. The PyMusique software appears to go against Apple’s terms of service, which requires users access the iTMS code only through approved Apple software. However, Apple representatives did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

The software takes advantage of the iTunes software, which actually applies the iTMS DRM software itself before a song downloaded from Apple’s music store can be played by the user. The software prevents the DRM from being applied, essentially permitting the user to copy, share, and otherwise use the downloaded song like a normal MP3 file. Users can also redownload songs that were previously purchased using the utility.

PyMusique, which Johansen and fellow programmers Travis Watkins and Cody Brocious call the “fair interface” to the Apple Music Store, is currently at a 0.3 version revision. The Windows version requires the Gtk+/Win32 runtime environment to operate, while the Linux version requires several Python-specific dependencies.

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