Via Announces Integrated Chipset for Athlon 64

Via Announces Integrated Chipset for Athlon 64

Via Technologies Inc. on Monday announced the first integrated graphics chipset for the Athlon 64 processsor produced by Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The Via K8M800 uses the S3 UniChrome Pro graphics core within the chipset, built on top of the platform infrastructure used by Via’s K8T800 chipset for the AMD64 family of processors. The UniChrome Pro IGP features a dual pixel pipeline and 128-bit 2D/3D engine with support for up to 64MB of shared DDR memory for 3D gaming and applications, with integrated MPEG-2 hardware acceleration and an external AGP 8X port.

A number of motherboard and ODMs have announced their support for the VIA K8M800 chipset. Current design wins for the K8M800 chipset include those from Asus, Biostar, Chaintech, ECS, FIC, Gigabyte, Jetway, Mitac, MSI, Shuttle and Wistron, Via said.

The Via K8M800 is available now, with customer motherboards expected to ship in early Q1 2004.

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