Oracle DBI App Tracks Controls

Renee Boucher Ferguson

Oracle announced may 8 a new twist on its namesake Daily Business Intelligence software, which calculates where a business is at during any given moment during the day using a dashboard interface.

The latest iteration, DBI for Compliance, is an embedded compliance management system for Oracle E-Business Suite users—or prospective users—that offers prebuilt KPIs (key performance indicators) around compliance metrics.

The software also offers reports around business performance and risk indicators in a consistent reporting format.

The software is designed to help companies comply with federal regulations that require top-level executives to certify financial statements and to help companies prove the effectiveness of their internal controls, on an annual fiscal basis.

DBI for Compliance provides a view into the negative evaluation and certification results within Oracle’s Internal Controls Manager, officials said. The latter documents and tests internal controls and monitors ongoing compliance initiatives.

When coupled with completion percentages, DBI for Compliance also can track users’ certification progress.

The two applications—DBI for Compliance and Internal Controls Manager—work side by side to help companies automate approaches to the compliance quagmire. Both applications are available now.

Administrator benefits from DBI for Compliance

* Enforces existing Oracle E-Business Suite security rules

* Request Set Generator triggers programs to refresh summaries

* Auto-refresh rate for overview pages and reports based on live data

* Rename or disable prebuilt KPIs

* Hide/rearrange dashboard regions

* Create new reports, KPIs and dashboards

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