Gordano Tackles Spam in Messaging Update

Gordano Tackles Spam in Messaging Update

Matt Hicks

Gordano Ltd., a developer of Web-based messaging software, is ratcheting up its fight against unwanted e-mail with the introduction on Tuesday of new anti-spam features.

The company has launched an update to its Gordano Messaging Suite that provides end users the option of turning on Bayesian filtering capabilities and expands content filtering options for administrators.

Gordano is one of many companies that are increasingly positioning their products as alternatives to Microsoft Exchange. In October Gordano launched greater collaboration features, including calendaring and scheduling, for the messaging suite.

Bayesian filtering joins a set of anti-spam options Gordano already included in its messaging server product line. Those include white lists and block lists; a confirmation feature that requires a sender of an e-mail to confirm its legitimacy; and a basic anti-spam filter that can redirect e-mails that have common spam traits, such as a missing reply address, Gordano officials said.

“Bayesian filtering is a new addition,” CEO Ray Warren said. “You don’t have to choose this or that by a predetermined mechanism, but you can deploy the bits as you want them.”

With Bayesian filtering, each e-mail message will have a score assigned to it that determines the probability that a message is legitimate or junk. The filter scores messages based on a database of legitimate and junk e-mail defined by users

Messages with a certain level of probability of being junk can be routed to specific folders, such as the “Quarantine” folder, or deleted. The filter by default sets messages with a 90-percent probability of being unwanted as spam e-mail, but users can adjust that percentage, the company said.

For administrators, Gordano added new capabilities for content filtering. Administrators can configure different content filters for different domains if they are using more than one e-mail domain through Gordano.

Gordano also has added an automatic update of its lists of spam words and phrases. An update with new common spam words and phrases is updated every seven days by default, though users can choose to receive them as often as every five minutes.

The new anti-spam features are included as an update to Gordano Messaging Suite that is free for customers who have bought the suite within the past 12 months or bought maintenance.

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