Eu Imports Less Crude Oil, But More Refined Products In 1999

Oil: Eu Imports Less Crude Oil, But More Refined Products In 1999

Production.Output in the United Kingdom, the only oil-producing country of any significance in the EU, weighed in at 136.9 million tonnes last year, compared with 132.6 million tonnes in 1998 (+3.3%). Denmark, the second largest European producer, saw a very marked rise in its domestic oil production (+25.7%), concentrated in a small sector of the North Sea, to about 14.7 million tonnes, Eurostat said.Imports.While the Middle-East countries are still by far the EU’s biggest suppliers of crude oil, their share fell back from 36.6% in 1998 to 33.4% in 1999. Africa’s share of the EU market continued to decline and accounted for only 21.3% of the EU15’s imports (22.0% in 1998). Norway continued to boost its share last year, supplying 22.5% of the EU’s oil imports (22.2% in 1998).Demand trends.At national level, deliveries of petroleum products increased in Ireland (+12.8%), Luxembourg (+7.8%), the Netherlands (+6.9%), Spain (+4.2%), Finland (+2.3%), Portugal (+0.6%), Austria (+0.4%) and Denmark (+0.1%), but declined in Italy (-5.2%), Germany (-3.6%), the United Kingdom (-1.6%), Belgium (-1.5%), Sweden (-1.0%), Greece (-0.4%) and France (-0.2%).Refining.Refinery input was down 4.3% in the EU as a whole in 1999. Among the individual Member States, decreases were recorded for Greece (-10.1%), France (-9.7%), the United Kingdom (-5.9%), Belgium (-5,4%), Ireland (-5.4%), the Netherlands (-4.8%), Portugal (-4.8%), Italy (-3.9%), Austria (-2.9%), Finland (-2.2%), Germany (-1.9%) and Spain (-1.6%). Refineries handled a bigger capacity in Sweden (+7.8%) and Denmark (+4) only.

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