Motor mama

Motor mama

Marsha Boone Kelly

Sherry Theus, 39, Newark, New Jersey

By day: Legal secretary

In hustle mode: Her company, D-Tour 5150, sells motorcycle accessories–custom-designed leather jackets, racing suits and helmets–via a Web site and a rented showroom.

Getting started: For eight years she juggled two jobs to pay for a $360 Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, a $3,000 used bike, and a home with a garage to park it in. Now Theus hops on her Kawasaki and rides to biker events with business cards in tow.

Making it happen: She’s open for business on evenings and weekends, offering design and sales consultations.

The payoff: $500 (off-season)to $1,000 a month.–M.B.K.

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