World-Class Customer Care Through Business Process Management

World-Class Customer Care Through Business Process Management

Hank Barnes

In many industries, particularly financial services, the quality of customer care can often make the difference between success and failure. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, many companies’ efforts to improve customer service are plagued by ineffective, misunderstood, or broken business processes.

In this timely eSeminar, you will learn how business process management (BPM) can provide the process foundation for incredible customer service.

Through a series of examples, focused on the financial services industry, you will learn how companies are using BPM to:

Fulfill customer requests significantly faster to gain competitive advantage

Greatly reduce errors in handling customer requests;

Re-orient call center processes to focus on customer needs, while increasing agent productivity;

Maximize investments in CTI with BPM integrated call controls;

Create reports providing the analysis to profitably increase customer satisfaction.

By attending this Webinar:

You will receive access to a Gartner report, Impatient Customers Demand the Real Time Enterprise, that provides a recommended path toward addressing the increasing expectations and needs of your most valuable customers.

Qualified attendees will be eligible for a specialized two-day call center assessment.

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