Shifting to Utility Computing

Shifting to Utility Computing

Michael Krieger

IT management is constantly challenged to better integrate with the business units it supports, and is being measured not by the technology advances implemented, but by the contributions that helped meet business goals. To help meet that imperative, turning IT into an internal utility service–much like water, power or phone–can enhance flexibility as well as the user experience.

While ultimately providing better support for user departments, viewing IT as a utility can also create an environment that enhances the IT department’s ability to charge back for services on a usage basis, just as they pay for conventional utilities.

Attend this informative eSeminar, presented by Veritas Software, and discover some of the tools at your disposal to support this shift in enterprise IT towards a more centralized service model, better managed and well aligned with the needs and budgets of departmental users.

While attending this online event from the comfort of your own desk, you can learn how to deliver one critical asset–storage–as a utility to deliver business benefits including:

Reducing hardware capital expenditures

Reducing operating costs

Allowing IT to align storage resources with business initiatives

Shortening the time to deploy new or additional resources

Learn how Veritas SRM solutions can help you manage a heterogeneous environment while planning your move to Utility Computing.

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