Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging

Rob Enderle

The wireless world has moved beyond beepers and two-way pagers. The advent of 802.11 hotspots, higher speed cellular data services, and more powerful personal digital assistants means that users expect to remain in constant contact and be able to do more while away from the office. Wireless messaging must keep apace by offering employees the ability to read not only e-mail but also the attached files. Users want to be able to respond in a timely manner. But how can enterprises make this happen in a heterogeneous technical environment?

In this seminar we will examine:

What level of synchronization is needed to support enterprise workers

Security issues surrounding mobile IM and e-mail and possible solutions

How to support different mobile devices and operating systems

How enterprises can reduce overhead by reducing reliance on laptops and notebooks in favor of PDAs (most employees only use their notebooks to check e-mail while away from the office)

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