Managing Costs Within Your Computing Environment

Managing Costs Within Your Computing Environment

Keith Onchuck

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model builds a foundation for managing costs in your computing environment, whether you are managing 100 PCs or 100,000. In this eSeminar sponsored by Intel Corporation and Insight Direct, learn how your medium sized business can reduce costs while improving business agility by utilizing the same best practices as a well-managed large enterprise.

The Gartner Group will answer questions about how your business will benefit from the adoption of TCO models for managing your computing environment. Intel will describe how choosing the right client and server platform builds a foundation for expansion and growth while reducing the costs associated with managing the lifecycle of technology products. Insight will discuss how you can supplement your internal capabilities with additional expertise that will ensure you are maximizing the return on investment of all your IT technology implementations.

Attend this eSeminar and learn how to:

Apply the same best known methods to your growing business that are used by large businesses for managing the computing environment

Find supplemental expertise from outside sources to improve the management of your computing environment

Deploy the right computing solutions to ensure you are reducing long term costs while building a competitive advantage

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