Data Protection and the Vision Splendid

Data Protection and the Vision Splendid

Michael Krieger

Companies of all sizes have been increasing their proportion of network-based storage deployments relative to direct attached storage. The No. 1 issue for IT departments today is the management and execution of their data protection policies against these more complex environments. As the shift from “time to backup” to “time to recovery” increasingly takes hold, companies will begin to deploy replication as a recovery option for critical applications on a selective basis.

Join this eSeminars and learn:

How storage network deployment complexities will pose new budget and TCO challenges.

How service level agreements (SLAs) metrics will be tied to recovery goals to align with business metrics, and how those SLAs will impact SAN and NAS architecture choices because of performance requirements.

How BakBone’s NetVault solution is building policy management and event notification infrastructure into its solution to begin the evolution to data management that leverages multiple protection options with various recovery time characteristics.

How NetVault offers a solution that dramatically lowers TCO by automating device discovery and configuration across the most complex SAN and NAS environments.

How NetVault requires no professional services to install or deploy.

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