Cost-Effective Data Replication-Over Any Distance

Cost-Effective Data Replication-Over Any Distance

Frank Derfler

Enterprise, metro-area, and wide-area networks, available at relatively low cost, offer the bandwidth and speed necessary to efficiently transfer data across a data center, or across the world, for ILM, business continuity, disaster recovery, content distribution, hardware migration, system consolidation and more. This eSeminar is designed for IT professionals who are interested in learning more about how to successfully implement cost-effective data replication solutions – over any distance. CNT’s Brain Larsen, Senior Director of Connectivity and Extension Products, will provide an overview of data replication alternatives and review considerations enterprises must weigh in determining the effective, appropriate use of data replication technologies.

This eSeminar will cover:

ILM, Business Continuity, DR, RTO and RPO

Data Replication (disk and tape), Tiered Storage, and how to build an infrastructure to accommodate it

Distance Considerations, Compliance and Recovery

How to leverage what you already have

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