Morphy takes on filter kettle market

Morphy takes on filter kettle market

Richard Way

MORPHY Richards has launched a kettle that boils water as it is filtered, making it up to twice as fast as existing filter kettles on the market.

The new Filter Rapide from the leading brand in the kettle market is sure to appeal to consumers thanks to its ability to filter and boil a litre of water in around three minutes. The benefit of filtered water is an improved taste, as all impurities are removed, and the prevention of limescale.

The product that comes nearest to matching the performance of the Filter Rapide is Brita’s Acclario, which takes around six minutes to filter and boil the same amount of water, claims Morphy Richards.

While the Acclario will only start to boil once all the required water has been filtered, the Filter Rapide starts to boil as soon as water passes through the filter.

“We have used our experience in kettle design and manufacture to produce a filter kettle that addresses consumer issues with current products on the market,” said Kay Watson, product group manager at Morphy Richards.

“By decreasing the filtration time and also designing a product that heats the water as it is filtered, we have developed a kettle that delivers boiled, filtered water at approximately twice the speed of other filter products on the market.”

Like similar products on the market, the Filter Rapide, which has a 2.2kW concealed element, uses filter cartridges that last around a month before they need replacing.

However, unlike rival products, Morphy filter cartridges are designed for use only with the Filter Rapide. The electronic cartridge reminder on the kettle lid, a device that lets the user know when cartridges need replacing by flashing, is also replaceable.

Morphy Richards has also priced its product competitively, with the white Filter Rapide retailing at 39.99 [pounds sterling] and a silver version at 44.99 [pounds sterling]. Each product comes with one filter cartridge.

Replacement cartridges, which give retailers the chance for incremental sales, are available in single packs (3.75 [pounds sterling]) or packs of three (9.99 [pounds sterling]).

The launch of the Filter Rapide is being supported by an extensive above-the-line marketing campaign and in-store p-o-s material, including free-standing display units and shelf displays.

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* Fastest filter kettle available

* Improves taste of beverages

* Prevents limescale

* Silver colour option


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