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Michael S. Eddy

The Clear-Com Q700 is a programmable, frequency-agile UHF wireless intercom system, consisting of a master station and up to six full-duplex beltpacks. The system operates over a separate 30MHz band for transmit and receive, offering 1,200 different frequencies in each band. The BP700 beltpack has four pushbuttons, each of which can be programmed to route the user’s voice to different destinations, as well as being programmed to operate in latching, push-to-talk, and other modes. It provides dual audio monitoring, with two volume control knobs for independent intercom and program level adjust, or for separate level control on intercom channels one and two.

The MS700 master station connects to two channels of partyline or four-wire (digital matrix), and beltpack users can choose to talk to either channel. Its wide frequency response and audio characteristics match wired intercom systems.

CLEAR-COM, Emeryville, CA

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