NetSim Passes the Test

NetSim Passes the Test

Woznicki, Mike

With Cisco’s release of the 800 Series of CCNA you need the best study tool for the exams without going broke. Boson delivers the answers to your prayers with NetSim Version 5.X. NetSim provides you with the hardware you need at a price you can afford, and all of it fits right on your own PC.

Having spent several weeks testing and working with the software, there wasn’t any command not supported by the sim. In fact this simulator allows for the use of the shorten commands, which separates this from almost all others. I also found over 60 labs included in the software and quite a few more on the Website for free downloading.

I tested more than 20 different labs and they all worked without flaw. 1 did find that some of labs do require completion of previous labs in order to complete them. One thing I like about these labs is that there is a clear objective before you begin and step by step instruction as you work the lab. You even have the answers in the lab in case you get stuck.

There were no install problems and I found the application to work with 98, NT and 2000 and XP. Once installed the application does a system test to ensure you have the requirements to run, another thing that no other router sim does.

Looking at the complete set of labs, you would have a complete coverage of the 801, 811 and 821 exam objectives. The simulator gives you access to over 60 pieces of hardware and a network designer application that allows you to create your own setups.

One thing I found that no other package offers is the virtual routing table and the virtual packets that make your networks appear to actually pass traffic. That plus the Boson exams for CCNA and you may have the most unbeatable combination on the market today.

I have used Boson to pass the CCNA exam before and will definitely use this as my recertification as well as the CCNP exams. About the only thing missing was a Study Guide Book, but knowing Boson, this probably won’t be far behind. Overall this router simulator has everyone else catching up.

Michael Woznicki

Michael Woznicki is a technical instructor and IT manager and has been technical editor for several major publishers including Course Technology, Cisco Press, Sybex and New Riders. He is certified A+, Net+, INET+, Server+, CNX-A, CIWP, CIWA, CCNA and CCDA.

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