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Marty Cutler

Because of its humbucking and piezoelectric pickups, the Godin Guitars Multiac Jazz ($2,295) combines the classic hollow-body sound of an electric jazz guitar with the qualities of an acoustic instrument. At the same time, the guitar offers direct access to MIDI guitar converters and Roland virtual-guitar processors.

The Multiac Jazz supports hexaphonic string output and MIDI access from its 13-pin output jack. To attain a more traditional jazz-guitar sound, the instrument sports a humbucking pickup mounted at the neck position. You can blend the output of the hexaphonic pickups with the humbucker to add a bit of definition to the typically mellow jazz-guitar sound. The guitar’s upper bout offers a set of faders for preamp and EQ adjustments.

In addition to the 13-pin jack for the hexaphonic pickup outputs, the Multiac Jazz has one unbalanced 1/4-inch output for each of the guitar’s humbucking and piezoelectric pickups.

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