Russia developing new radio frequency weapons

Russian electronics researchers are seeking outside funding to help them develop a high-power microwave “cannon” that is able to knock out the electronics in radar and precision-munitions guidance systems.

According to Rosoboronexport, the Russian state-run international military sales company, scientists presented two radio frequency (RF) weapons, the Ranets-E and the Rosa-E, at Malaysia’s Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA trade show.

Ranets-E and Rosa-E represent non-flying weapon systems, which have been developed by Russian researchers since the late 1990s. Rosoboronexport officials say the new RF arms “are based on new physics principles and budget,” says Dan Heinemeier, president of GEIA.

“We also project a strong, continuing emphasis on information superiority and information assurance – areas that inherently rely upon considerable electronic content,” Heinemeier says.

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