Five top websites

Five top websites – Brief Article

This is what we’re up against — a dangerously misleading site, full of statements like ‘irradiation will make food safer, GM will feed the Third World, children eating fatty food were fat before’… and much more. tml

How to create a phoney power crisis: The BushEnron connection.

Why does the US resist the wind-power revolution? Because the Dinosaur Lobby — oil, gas and coal companies — prefer the status quo.

An example? The energy plan coming from the Oil Patch president and a like-minded Congress.

A spoof? Weather Action provides weather forecasts for individuals, commerce, industry and agriculture up to 11 months ahead — and since they predict the weather, they also think climatic changes are ‘normal’ — a handy excuse for why that forecast just didn’t… cast.

The weekly comic that looks at cars, technology, ecology and philosophy from the viewpoint of a frequently squashed rodent…

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