Bp’s Sunny Side… – BP Oil Inc. environmental policy

Bp’s Sunny Side… – BP Oil Inc. environmental policy – Brief Article

BP is taking its greenwash into our schools

‘Together we can make a difference — At BP we’re committed to making a positive contribution to a cleaner and safer environment for our children. As part of our commitment, we’re educating today’s children so that they understand more about environmental hazards and how they can contribute to a greener and safer future. Every year we visit 800 primary schools to teach road safety… which helps to embed the safety message into the curriculum. Today… over 4 million children have benefited through this programme. By educating today’s children, we are all the more likely to have a greener future. Our BP Educational Service provides schools, nationwide, with literature and resources… In partnership with teachers, our employees design classroom and site activities for young people. Today, over 230 schools are involved in the scheme that continues to breathe a new spirit into the curriculum… All you have to do is call us on 01202 244041… and we’ll help you to make a difference.’ Isn’t it great to see a car ing, sharing oil company doing its bit for the planet? Sadly, though, The Ecologist’s many attempts to learn how to make a difference ourselves were in vain. We called and called that company hotline — but no reply.

Never mind: we know of at least one person who must have got through. ‘We will offer three new specialisms: engineering, science, business & enterprise. They will encourage many more pupils into business and industry.’ One of Tony Blair’s ‘radical’ new ideas on education.

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