Coach Tony Dungy tackles diabetes

Coach Tony Dungy tackles diabetes – Special section: diabetes

DIABETES has been a part of Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy’s life for as long as he remembers. Although he is not a victim of diabetes, Dungy watched his mother, Cleomae Dungy, battle the terrible effects of the debilitating disease until her death last year at 81.

Recently, Dungy joined the American Diabetes Association as spokesperson for the African American Program and School Walk for Diabetes campaign that is being conducted at more than 20 central Indiana schools. Dungy has used the opportunity to speak out against diabetes and state his commitment to working to spread the word about ways to prevent and live with the disease. Improving the lives of all people affected by diabetes is an important goal for the coach. “As a child, I learned from my parents just how important proper nutrition and fitness was in preventing me from feeling bad,” he says. “I am just happy to offer encouragement … to participate in activities such as School Walk for Diabetes.”

Recently, the American Diabetes Association and the Indianapolis Community Resurrection Partnership hosted a prayer breakfast, bringing together more than 75 pastors and ministers within the Indianapolis community to work jointly to deliver health awareness messages to their congregations. In Indianapolis, the chronic disease affects more than 50,000 residents. Diabetes–both type 1 and type 2–accounts for more than $2 billion in health care costs for the state annually.

“Diabetes affects millions of Americans every year and has become a growing problem, especially in the African-American community,” Dungy says. “I’m excited to join with the American Diabetes Association to help in the effort to find a cure.”

James A. Horbowicz, National Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association, says of Dungy: “Being a longtime football fan and admirer of Coach Dungy and his many charity interests, I am thrilled to know that our local Indianapolis ADA Office and our national African-American Program are going to benefit greatly in leveraging awareness opportunities with Coach Dungy and the Indiana polis Colts organization.”

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