Chiropractor Survives Brain Damage, Almost Quits Practicing, And What He Wants You To Know!

Chiropractor Survives Brain Damage, Almost Quits Practicing, And What He Wants You To Know!

Marasco, Mike

My name is Dr. Mike Marasco.

It was only 15 short months ago. I remember the day… hot. No it wasn’t hot it was blowtorch searing the hair on your face repressive hot. It was lunchtime and my wife and I sat eyeball to eyeball hand in hand and had one of those talks every couple dreads. She knew it… I knew it and we’d both known it for a long time but it was like the giant dead elephant laying there rotting in the middle of the living room we just kept walking around it acting as if it wasn’t there cuz it was just too much and too painful to do anything else. “IT” was the fact that our chiropractic dream was dead.

Not only was it dead but the stench from the long rotting carcass was becoming unbearable. I don’t know what was worse the shame, the embarrassment or the utter bone grinding frustration.

We had nothing to hang our heads about we’d fought the good fight, we’d endured enormous hardship, we’d spinal screened ’til our bones AND our pride hurt, we’d consulted with every imaginable consultant, run every imaginable gimmick, we’d educated until patients knew the difference between Daniel David and David Daniel, high fees, low fees, case fees, NO fees you name it and no matter what we’d done it just didn’t work out.

She knew it and I knew it. We were finished. At least we had each other. It’s a great love story but it sure would have been nice if we could’ve added a whopping chiropractic success to it. We love this profession we’ve given our blood and sweat to it. We love our patients but we were at the end of the line.

Well as they say big dreams the hard and even in the face of what each of us knew looking into each others eyes, we knew exactly what the other was thinking and on that very night we began the burial of our chiropractic dream.

Immediately I began searching for other business opportunities. NOTHING was off limits. My professional dream had cost my family enough both physically, fiscally and emotionally and it was high time that my personal and family dreams were pushed up on the priority list. You name it, I investigated it. Problem was that anything that had serious potential required a LARGE learning curve or a LARGE bankroll or both. Neither of which I was up for.

Don’t worry the chiropractic patients are in great hands. No strokes, no brain damage, heck the chiropractic patient is arguably the best healing most healthiest person on the planet. It’s the Chiropractor who must guard him or her against the kind of Brain Damage chiropractic causes.

If you are going to see a chiropractic patient today then you will want to read every last word of my tale of warning… this is the story of how I was left for dead with irreparable brain damage and also the story of my unlikely shocking recovery.

Before you hear the story, you must hear about the doctor who literally saved me from the kind of brain damage that the “experts” insist has no cure. If there ever was a chiropractic miracle… I’m it.

Before I reveal who he is, you need to know a few things about him.

#1… he’s one of the most honest and trustworthy Doc’s I’ve met in all my years. He helped me when nobody would OR could.

#2 There are many “pretenders” who desperately “try” to COPY his methods and sell them as their own. My first warning to you is steer clear. If you or someone you know has the kind of brain damage I had you can’t afford to let the pretenders get their hands on you.

#3 There are nay Sayers. You know how the last time you saved a patient-from surgery the orthopedist blew it off and tried to convince the patient it had nothing to do with you. Well my Dr’s colleagues and “competitors” insist that, his “techniques” CAN’T work. Just like they tell us about chiropractic. You need to know right now that when you discover his identity later you’ll have heard his name. But my second warning for you is that whatever you’ve heard is just a jealous smear campaign. Just like you in your office… he works miracles and whatever you’ve heard is not accurate. I urge you to call him and do not hesitate. If you or a loved one is suffering the same brain damage I’ve had you can’t afford to wait.

Do you have the brain damage caused by chiropractic?

No really… have you ever really felt like if they sampled your brain tissues before chiro college and sampled them now that they’d come out of the lab and say… “dude, you gotyerselfa gen-u-wine case uh Brain Damage!”

The kind of brain damage that can only come through professional practice. You know what I mean… the kind that comes from working your tail off getting your education, racking up mountains of debt, getting out of school and discovering that “holy c_ _p this is way harder than it looks!”

You know the kind of brain damage that comes with having the life sucked from the marrow of your bones when insurance companies drive wedges between you and your patients.

The kind of brain damage only attainable after suffering at the wretched evil hands-of unqualified demonic nurses reviewing your claims telling you your life’s work is not worthy of payment.

Are you with me now?

How about the sheer eyeball searing brain damage caused by hours and hours of spinal screenings. Begging WaI Mart customers to just come see your plastic spine? Arrrggghhh… It’s making me want to vomit just thinking about it.

Quite honestly if Dr. Ben Altadonna didn’t come endorsed by some of the most powerful and influential minds in American small business today, I just might be pumping gas right now.

I looked at his promises and ideas and I thought… I really am totally screwed and not just a little bit. I am completely 100% uncompromisingly screwed. Not only, have I driven my practice into the ground but on top of that I’m considering betting what’s left of my families future on THIS?? I really am TOTALLY screwed.

So I did it. Out of sheer despair (if I’m anything I’m a bad quitter) I sat my wife RaNae down and I said “read this and tell me what you think”. She did and as they say… “the rest is history…” We agreed we’d buy the kit “try it” and if it worked we’d be good and if it didn’t we’d get our money back and finish up “operation shutdown”.

The point here is actually to tell you about… “The REST of the story… ” as Paul Harvey might say.

The rest goes like this…

In February 2005 I began in a brand new office (only 5 short months after the aforementioned meeting). New clinic, new location, nearly 100% new patients.

Just for the month of February 2005 my brand new office collected almost as much as I personally collected in ALL of 2004. Actually it was just $1000 less. You read that right in all of 2004 I collected $1000 more than the new clinic collected in its FIRST MONTH of business. An entire years worth of revenue in just ONE MONTH working 4 days a week. Can you say “leapfrog!”?

I want you to know that I still love chiropractic and I still love my profession and my wish for you reading this is to have the resurgence, the renaissance, the reignition that I have had. More than that I wish for your spouse and child to look at you the way mine look at me now.

If you are sitting there thinking that you don’t have what I have. You might be right. My spouse is the most magnificent creature to grace planet earth and oh my son he is only second to his mother.

But if you think that I must have some special talent, a gift, charisma, smarts, etc… you obviously haven’t been listening. I unfortunately have 10+ years’OVER A DECADE of complete and unadulterated FUTILITY that more than amply prove that I am FAR from the sharpest knife in the drawer. Heck I’m not even in the 50Th percentile.

SEE…ITS NOT YOUR FAULT that you have chiropractic brain damage. You were told at school they’d tell you everything you needed to know. lie #1. You were told by the consultants, experts, gurus, technique peddlers that all you needed was their whiz bang gimmick: lies #3,4,5 & 6. You were told “build it and they will come”. The biggest lie of them all.

It’s not your fault. You were excited, motivated and willing to lay it all on the line and learn from the ELDERS of our profession. If you can’t trust your elders who can you trust. Would your grandpa steer you wrong? The bottom line is that you and I were huckstered, swindled, misled by them. Maybe not purposely or maliciously. But in the end if you get bad directions malicious or not… you’re still LOST! Your only fault is you trusted them just like I did.

Even if you have a “management consultant” you like right now, you need to call for the free report at the end of this letter. Your “management consultant” is one of “THEM” and does NOT have the cure for chiropractic brain damage. Otherwise you’d have stopped reading 10 minutes ago. Ever wonder why your “consultant” doesn’t practice? I’ll tell you why… cuz they know that chiropractic causes brain damage and they don’t know how to cure it so THEY QUIT practicing.

Dr. Ben Altadonna is the only doctor on planet earth that I know of who currently knows AND is willing to share the cure for chiropractic brain damage. He has clearly easily and simply shown over 5,613 chiropractors how to cure chiropractic brain damage STEP BY STEP. Even the most brain damaged of us all (me) could follow his step-by-step slowest guy in the class EASY instant revenue formula.

Listen if you think Dr. Altadonna is all about running small ads in newspapers you’ve been victimized by the lying liars who are profiting from YOUR/OUR chiropractic brain damage.

With Dr. Altadonna and his CURE for chiropractic brain damage you will DISCOVER just like I did Step by Step piece by piece EXACTLY HOW TO…

1. Run a rock solid WILDLY PROFITABLE business. No more ridiculous miracle forms, mystical procedures, embarrassing unprofessional self-flagellation, no more brain damage.

2. EASILY collect up to $30,000-$ 100,000 a month in 18 months OR less

3. Discover why small and mid size companies throughout the world seek out Dr. Ben Altadonna. How many international companies are asking to work with your so called “expert consultant”?

4. You’ll also discover the seamless, simple, easy way to get new patients, process new patients, keep new patients and get them to pay you HAPPILY. All without ANY cheesy chiropractic propaganda, religious type explanations or any of the usual embarrassing unprofessional brain damaging things we have been taught.

5. In closing… The bottom line is if you even THINK you might have the kind of brain damage I had or you want a HELMET to prevent your future brain damage then you “really have only one option. Call 1-800-427-5471 for a toll- free 24-hr recorded message and get THE VERY SAME free report that cured my CBD the free report that will show you the ONLY way to cure chiropractic brain damage. OR GO TO This recorded message and internet site are NOT selling anything! You couldn’t buy something there even if you wanted to. You’ll simply get the free report entitled “How To Attract Only Quality Patients That Pay, Stay & Refer… The ONLY Cure For Chiropractic Brain Damage.”


Dr. Mike Marasco

P.S. – Odds are good that you ‘re situation can’t be worse than mine was. If Dr. Altadonna could cure my Chiropractic Brain Damage and bring me back from deaths door. I actually saw “the lights” they talk about when near death. My chiropractic career was on the gumey INSIDE the ER. I was flat lined and as they wheeled my limp and dead career down to the morgue and it was only Dr. Altadonna and THIS free report that brought me back from the other side.

P.P.S. – Say goodbye to management consultants, spinal screenings, under and de-valuing yourself and your services FOREVER… Feel like a kid again. Earn More than you ever imagined and work less doing it.

Say goodbye to chiropractic brain damage. Call the toll free 24 hr recorded message at 800-427-5471 or go to: right now before its too late. You’ll be glad you did. For the first time in your career everyone will win. Only this time YOU will win too.

Dr. Mike Marasco

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