Adjusting Table From Palmer Finds New Home in Mexico

Adjusting Table From Palmer Finds New Home in Mexico

BJ. Palmer once said, “One great, strong, unselfish soul in every community would actually redeem the world. ” Thanks to the efforts of several unselfish souls, an adjusting table that began its service at the Palmer College of Chiropractic has found a new home in Mexico, and will be used to provide chiropractic care to thousands of underprivileged residents.

The odyssey of the table began in the early 1990s. After being used by chiropractic externs at the Palmer Clinic in Davenport, Iowa, it was purchased by Drs. James and Laura Van Wagoner in 1995 and shipped to their clinic in New Port Richey, Fla. A few years later, the table returned to Davenport when James Van Wagoner began working as an ambassador of the Palmer college system.

Enter Drs. James and Terri Coats, another husband-and-wife team of chiropractors – and Palmer alumni. In 2002. while in the Mexican city of Piedras Negras, the Coatses met a local medical doctor who happened to belong to the city’s rotary club, the Club Rotario Piedras Negras Poniente. When the doctor learned that the Coatses belonged to a similar rotary club in Harrison, Ark., he envisioned the clubs working together to bring the Coatses back to Mexico to provide chiropractic care for underprivileged people in Piedras Negras.

In a few short weeks, the rotary clubs arranged for the Coatses to return to Mexico, and even located a small clinic for them to provide treatment. “People in Mexico don’t procrastinate,” explained Terri Coats. “Within weeks of our initial discussions, the Piedras Negras rotary club had the trip arranged for February 2003. They publicized it and coordinated a clinic for us at a local hospital. We saw 150 people over two days who would otherwise have been unable to afford care.”

Upon their return to the U.S., the Coatses encountered the Van Wagoners and told them about the trip. Although they had helped 150 people, the Coatses lamented the lack of proper chiropractic equipment that was available – not to mention the strain put on their own bodies from providing so many adjustments on a portable table in such a short time span. Realizing the importance of the work the were doing, the Van Wagoners offered to donate the table the next time the Coatses traveled to Mexico.

With the help of both rotary clubs and the contributions of many willing volunteers, the table was shipped to Piedras Negras in time for the Coats’ second clinic this past January, which allowed the doctors to treat twice as many patients in the same amount of time. The citizens of Piedras Negras were so grateful to the Van Wagoners for donating the table that they sent plaques to the doctors to express their gratitude. In addition, based on their connection with the rotary club and the ties they have forged with Piedras Negras, the Coatses have announced plans for future chiropractic clinics, to be coordinated by both rotary clubs.

“We would love to have other chiropractors join us during future clinics,” commented Dr. Terri Coats. “The community has been so receptive to our care and the chiropractic message. We would like to see this program grow and continue for years to come.”

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