Reader mail

Reader mail


At the February 2000 meeting of the Mullica Hill Doll Study Club, junior member 12-year old Janine Fay Tucker presented The Story of Patsy. After researching the subject, she spoke about Patsy’s origins in 1924 up until the present-day reproduction Patsys. Janine has been a member of this southern New Jersey club for 3 1/2 years and has made two presentations to the members. Janine loves doll collecting and reading her Doll Reader magazine and other doll magazines. She hopes to become president of her club one day Mullica Hill Doll Study Club encourages junior members to join and has had four juniors in its four-year history.

C. T. Warren

Vice President

Mullica Hill Doll Study Club

Mullica Hill, NJ


I have a very important question that desperately needs an answer. How should I clean the dust and dirt off my dolls and their clothes? I’m living in Spain, and the dust is dirt My dolls do not get played with; however, I do keep them out on display I love them all and want to keep them in the best shape I can.

Doreen Maltbie



I want to sincerely say thank you for the wonderful article that was in the May00 issue of Doll Reader. I was happy with the original questions, but due to your fluent text, everything shows to advantage even more.

I say many thanks to you!

Annette Himstedt

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