Captivating & cuddly

Captivating & cuddly

Jacobs, Rena H

William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “The play’s the thing,” but it’s playing that’s important to Corolle. The French doll company takes great pride in making baby and toddler dolls that provide an important contribution to a child’s development through play.

The dolls also spark the imaginations of collectors. Especially popular with adults, Corolle’s 20-inch Bebe Cheri sports a new outfit every year and wears size 3-to-6 months infant’s clothing. Many mothers and grandmothers make Bebe Cheri a personalized keepsake by dressing her in a child’s or grandchild’s outfit.

Corolle’s 2001 lineup includes adorable new faces, including a series of African-American and Asian faces. An inspired creative team of no less than 15 debuts a wonderful assortment of fresh faces and fashions each year.

Realistic elements, including dimpies and freckles, add charm to the babies’ faces. Reflecting styles and fabrics used in current French children’s wear, the clothing features Velcro- closures, ribbon ties and small fasteners made for tiny fingers. Bodies of lightweight fabric encourage children to cuddle and love their babies. Made in proportion to a child’s weight, the babies do not exceed 1.5 pounds.

The dolls’ high-quality vinyl has the color and transparency of children’s skin. Because sensory appeal is important to children, Corolle adds a light scent of vanilla to the vinyl that remains, even after years of washing. Corolle dolls also are durable. “They are meant to be loved and made to last a lifetime,” says Beau James, Director of Corolle Dolls of North America.

Children and adults alike find Corolle dolls irresistible. Playing, indeed, is the thing.

For more information, please contact Corolle, One Corporate Drive, Grantsville, MD 21536; (800) 668-4846.

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