The Stowaway by Think Outside – Brief Article

The Stowaway by Think Outside – Brief Article – Evaluation

Fenella Saunders

The Stowaway by Think Outside, $100.

GIZMO FANS MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT they were in handheld heaven when computer-organizers like the Palm Pilot’ appeared, letting them take their address books, chess games, and favorite recipes on the road. Now the creators of that product have gone off on their own and one-upped themselves. Visor looks a lot like a Palm Pilot, but with one big difference: It’s expandable. There’s a slot in the back where users can plug in memory cards to back up data, or modules that contain games or books. Even better, users will soon be able to pop in accessories that turn the Visor into a pager, an MP3 music player, a GPS receiver, or even a cell phone. The Stowaway adds a full-sized keyboard that folds away like an origami accordion.

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