Sega Dreamcast – Brief Article

Sega Dreamcast – Brief Article – Evaluation

Fenella Saunders

Sega Dreamcast, $200.

ALTHOUGH VIDEO-GAME MACHINES that hook up to home TVs have been around for a long time, the Sega Dreamcast tops them all, bringing years of electronics research into the living room. The console’s processing power is state of the art but, unlike a normal computer that must devote a good bit of its brainpower to boring stuff like tax returns, most of the Sega’s power goes into graphics. The ultra-high-quality images and sound move forward at top speed without a lurch or hiccup. High-tech software adds to the effect; several of the sports games were generated from motion-captured images of real athletes. The Dreamcast has a built-in modern that allows lonesome gamesters to dial into Sega’s network and play against other people. The same setup also works as a Web browser. For those who don’t like being chained to a TV, the system’s memory card doubles as a handheld game that can travel almost anywhere.

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