L.A. 3-D – the Los Angeles basin is mapped with sonar equipment

L.A. 3-D – the Los Angeles basin is mapped with sonar equipment – Brief Article

A new three-dimensional map from the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California, shows the Los Angeles basin as it has never been seen before. Marine geologist Jim Gardner used high-resolution sonar to pick out details as small as a foot wide on the ocean floor. “The resolution was high enough that we could pick out all sorts of things that had been dumped,” Gardner says. “There were lots of old pipes and drilling equipment scattered across the seafloor.”

The panoramic view above, looking northeast toward downtown L.A., combines three years of soundings made by a research ship. Gardner hopes his data will help track the migration of toxic waste dumped at sea and to locate faults that could cause earthquakes.


September 7-16: The New Millennium Observatory sends the Jason submersible to study the Juan de Fuca Ridge, a seismically active zone 250 miles off the coast of Oregon.

September 9-October 14: The Tropical Atmosphere-Ocean Project recovers and deploys deepwater sensors near Hawaii to improve understanding of El Nino and La Nina.

September 13-22: The Aquarius Project sends divers off the coast of Florida to study coral reef organisms.

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