New Massey tractors easy to operate

New Massey tractors easy to operate

The new 7400 Series Massey Ferguson tractors with 95 to 155 PTO horsepower feature a smoother transmission, big, powerful engines, and a sleek design that delivers a tighter turning radius and better lines of sight.

The 4-wheel drive tractors with their close centered hydraulics, electronic controls and options combine brute power and technology with a simplicity of design that makes it easy to master both, while the quiet, spacious and ergonomically designed cab offers a superior level of comfort and control.

“For many people technology and electronics suggest complexity,” says Rene Boivin, general marketing manger, Massey Ferguson.

“With this tractor series, we have one of the most advanced transmissions in the industry, yet it is one of the simplest to operate. Simply engage it, and go to work without programming or unwanted complexity.”

Advanced powershift

It is the Dyna-Step transmission that really sets the MF 7400 Series tractors apart from the competition. It offers the smoothest shifting transmission in its price and power range and is the most advanced powershift in today’s market. Its transport range offers 21 forward and 18 reverse speeds with a top speed of 25 mph, while the work range offers 21 forward and 15 reverse speeds up to 17 mph. When equipped with the optional creeper transmission, MF 7400 operators can choose from a full 21 speeds which fall under 6.2 mph.

“Shifting with the Dyna-Step transmission is so smooth it can hardly be noticed,” says Boivin. “Its variable 15 percent speed increase with each step eliminates the rapid increase in speed that usually accompanies powershift transmissions. You can also select any of four settings to determine the shuttle speed, dialing down to one when towing a heavy implement or up to four when needing fast cycle times for loader applications.

Not only do the new tractors shift more smoothly and efficiently, but they also offer reduced maintenance. With no clutch packs and fewer moving parts there is less chance for wear and less potential for breakdown. Service intervals have been increased to 2,000 hours.

Separate reservoirs

The MF 7400s have separate oil reservoirs for transmissions and auxiliary hydraulics. “The new tractors are designed for increased efficiency, reliability and reduced need for service,” notes Wade Stewart, sales engineer, Massey Ferguson.

The powerful hydraulic system with its 29 gpm maximum flow is enhanced with the optional Remote Valve Management System (RMS) and the Dot Matrix display. The RMX joystick, mounted in the armrest, controls two electro-hydraulic proportional spool valves, while the Dot Matrix screen and touch pad allow the operator to adjust both timed detents and flow from the cab. RMS also contains a memory function which can be used to memorize, set and recall flow rate in and out of each spool valve.

“RMS and Dot Matrix form the heart of a simple to operate headland management system,” says Boivin. “Dot Matrix also lets you visually monitor engine functions and wheel slip. It also controls flow to the 3-point hitch and remotes. If you have a three-point mounted planter with markers, you can decide if you want 100 percent flow to the planter first and then the markers or a mix of pressure simultaneously to both.

The MF 7400 Series has plenty of available power. All six models feature turbocharged, air-to-air cooled engines with electronic injection and are modified to make them even more efficient and reliable as well as Tier II emissions compliant.

The MF 7465 (95 PTO hp) MF 7475 (105 PTO hp) and MF 7480 (115 PTO hp) are powered by 6-liter 1106 Perkins engines.

The MF 7485 (125 PTO hp), MF 7490 (140 PTO hp), and MF 7495 (155 PTO hp) are powered by 6.6-liter 66 EA Sisu Diesel engines.

Cast iron block

Both engines use a structural cast iron block that, with the structural oil pan, provides a narrower frame for a tighter turning radius and improved line of sight for the operator.

Engine design and components reduce engine sound levels by three decibels over previous high horsepower Massey ferguson tractors.

Other design attributes of the new Perkins engine enhance reliability, combustion, power and fuel efficiency. The new Sisu Diesel engine design increases torque by up to 20 percent and the cross flow head design improves fuel economy.

“With Electronic Engine Management (EEM), operators can get even more out of these powerful engines,” says Boivin. “EEM lets an operator preset two engine speeds and then select either at the push of a button. Engine speeds can also be programmed into the Headland Management System. Raise or lower a 3-point implement, and engine RPMs automatically adjust.”

EEM, RMS and Dot Matrix are at the operator’s fingertips in the new cab. Designed for visibility, control and comfort, the spacious cab features an air suspension seat and easy to read front console and instrument panel with tractor system displays and function readouts. The right hand control console is home to all major tractor and implement operational controls. Controls for air and sound systems are located overhead for easy access and are within the line of sight.

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