Kubota: RTV900 utility vehicle offered in four configurations

Kubota: RTV900 utility vehicle offered in four configurations

Byline: Farm Press Editorial Staff

Kubota Tractor Corp. is introducing its first-ever Kubota Utility Vehicle. The RTV900 is available in four configurations with a wide variety of accessories. Combining Kubota diesel engineering technology and a matched Kubota transmission, the utility vehicle offers power, strength and stability with operator and passenger comforts.

As the only utility vehicle in its class to host Kubota’s exclusive three-range variable hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic power steering, the RTV900’s transmission boasts a braking feature that never allows the vehicle to enter a free-wheel status when traveling downhill. The three-range shifting provides low (0-10 mph), mid (0-18 mph) and high (0-25 mph) operational speeds, adding diversity when climbing hills and hauling or towing a load.

The Kubota utility vehicle features four-wheel-drive with a two-wheel-drive selection and is powered by a Kubota three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, diesel engine that is rated at 22 horsepower.

Front and rear wet-type disc brakes provide a reliable braking force. For exceptional stability and successful operation in challenging terrain, the vehicle has a long wheelbase of 77.4 inches. For a smooth ride the RTV900 is equipped with MacPherson type strut front suspension and a semi-independent rear suspension axle, including a leaf spring and shock.

With over 25 accessories to choose from, the RTV900 is well-suited to many tasks. Equipment on the utility vehicle include a factory cab, front bush guard, rear hitch, hydraulic cargo bed lift, windshield, canopy top, and many more optional accessories.

The RTV900 comes in general purpose, turf, recreational and worksite configurations. Each is equipped with appropriate accessories.

Safety is a top priority with Kubota products and the utility vehicle is no different. A retractable seatbelt and OSHA certified rollover protective structure are standard on every utility vehicle. Spacious legroom and a cushion bench seat make driving Kubota’s utility vehicle comfortable, with two cup holders also included for operator convenience.

For additional product information, call 888-4KUBOTA ext. 900, or visit www.kubota.com.

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