Tagline truths

Tagline truths

To those who say dairy products can’t compete with the Cokes and Pepsis of the world, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) has two words: “got milk?”

A recent CMPB-funded survey reveals that only 14.7 percent of respondents who claimed familiarity with Coke advertising could remember the product’s “Always Coca-Cola” slogan. Meanwhile, the “got milk?” tagline was correctly recalled by 50.4 percent of those polled.

“We’ve used “got milk?” religiously and exclusively for almost seven years, and it is paying off,” says Jeff Manning, director of CMPB, which funds the campaign in California and licenses the tagline to Dairy Management Inc. and other organizations.

CMPB commissioned the tagline study by Boston-based Bernett Research Inc. to determine the effectiveness of the “got milk?” tagline when compared to campaigns by top beverage brands. Bernett conducted 400 telephone interviews nationally with consumers between the ages of 15 to 34, the demographic group most often targeted by beverage companies.

Slightly more than 16 percent of those surveyed who said they were familiar with Budweiser advertising could remember the product’s “This Bud’s for You” tagline. Meanwhile, only 4.1 percent could recall Pepsi’s “The Joy of Cola” tagline.

“It’s interesting to see these major brands switching taglines so frequently. While you have to recognize when your advertising needs new direction, there is something to be said for consistency,” Manning says.

Even if consumers remember ads, it doesn’t mean they like the ads. After prompting, 98 percent of respondents recognized “Always Coca-Cola”; 98 percent recognized “got milk?”; 92 percent recognized Budweiser’s “This Bud’s for You”; and 75 percent recognized Pepsi’s “The Joy of Cola” tagline. However, less than half of respondents who recognized Coke’s tagline said they liked the brand’s ads; only 45 percent said they liked Budweiser ads; and 43 percent said they liked Pepsi ads. Meanwhile, nearly 68 percent said they liked “got milk?” ads.

Bernett conducted 400 10-minute interviews with people in two age categories, 15 to 17 and 18 to 34.

Brands surveyed were chosen by CMAB; taglines represented the most often used brand slogan in 1999. Taglines used in the survey included: “Always Coca-Cola” by Coke; “The Joy of Cola” by Pepsi; “Are You an Un?” by 7-Up; “This Bud’s for You” bv Budweiser; “Put a Keg in Your Hand” by Miller Genuine Draft, “A Delicious Taste Experience” by Taster’s Choice; “Is it in You?” by Gatorade; “The Best Stuff is in Here” by Snapple; “Squeeze the Day” by Minute Maid; “Return to the Source” by Evian; and “got milk?” by milk.

Those surveyed were from California, Chicago, the New York Metro area and Texas.

An extended summary and complete survey results are available. Contact Melinda Vaughn or Michael Wilson at (310) 385-8530.

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