Creators Briefs

Creators Briefs

Crazy for Caramel

Caramel is the latest flavor craze, and a company’s kosher-certified caramel sauce and caramel bits can help manufacturers meet consumer demand. The sauce flows at room temperature and adds a rich taste and soft, chewy texture to ice cream and other frozen desserts. Suitable for mixing into puddings and yogurts, 3/8 – inch chewy caramel bits are easily distributed via conveyors and hoppers. Both products have a nine-month shelf life when stored at recommended temperatures. – Kraft Food Ingredients Corp., (901) 381-6500,

Nutrient Know-how

A company creates nutrient blends, or premixes, containing from two to more than 20 fortification ingredients. Working directly with manufacturers, the company can customize both liquid and powder nutrient blends that add value and consumer appeal to foods and beverages. Premixes eliminate onsite mixing and inventory storage while ensuring product consistency. – DSM Nutritional Products Inc., (800) 526-0189,

Milk with Kid Appeal

The Crazy Scoops line of brightly colored fruit-based flavors is designed with kids in mind. Offered in banana, grape, berry-blend and tropical versions, the flavors contain less sugar and fewer calories than many ready-to-drink flavored milks and have no caffeine, hydrocolloids or added fat. They can be mixed and matched to create unique flavor combinations. Once stirred into soymilk or whole, 2 percent, 1 percent or skim milk, the flavors maintain a uniform flavor and color. – Danisco USA Inc., (913) 764-8100,

Tootsie Treats

Denali Flavors Inc. and Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. formed a co-branding alliance to introduce Tootsie Roll® and Tootsie Pops® ice cream to dairies and the national market. The Tootsie Roll ice cream boasts soft, chewy fudge-filled treats in a fudge swirl and chocolate ice cream base, while the Tootsie Pops version has crunchy cherry and grape candy bits in a fudge swirl and vanilla cream base. – Denali Flavors Inc., (616) 877-4625,

Cut Carbs, Calories

A dairy beverage targets consumers who are counting carbohydrates or calories. Created for dairies or beverage manufacturers that want to expand their product offerings, the beverage boasts a wide range of available flavors, a net carbohydrate count between 3 and 7 grams and 80 to 90 calories per serving. – Main Street Ingredients, (800) 359-2345,

Marvelous Milkshakes

TIC Pretested® Dairyblend 366-THK powder acts as a stabilizer in ready-to-drink milkshakes, direct-draw milkshakes, flavored milk products, and low-carbohydrate and other dairybased beverages. The multi-functional gum system not only allows processors to achieve the desired viscosity, but also helps prevent separation during distribution and storage and control ice crystal formation on direct-draw shakes. – TIC Gums Inc., (410) 273-7300,

Add Fiber

The Fibersol-2(TM) product is a spray-dried powder produced by the pyrolysis and controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of cornstarch. Suitable for use as a prebiotic in cultured day foods, frozen dairy foods and many other food products, the soluble dietary fiber has no inherent or added flavor and features a high solubility and a very low viscosity. It is acid, heat/retort and freeze/thaw stable. – Matsutani America Inc., (217) 875-9819,

Ice Cream improver

Specially adapted functional dairy proteins serve as a complete replacement for skim milk powder in a new frozen dessert system. The proteins combine with the Daritech(TM) FR 287 product to create a frozen dessert system that yields both cost savings and product improvements. Frozen desserts exhibit enhanced extrusion properties, excellent melt resistance, clean flavor and a mix viscosity equivalent to ice cream made with skim milk powder. – Degussa Food Ingredients/Business Line Texturant Systems, (800) 241-9485,

Calcium Salts

A company now offers a highly bioavailable calcium that is suitable for fortification of a variety of foods and beverages. The calcium lactate-gluconate product contains 13 percent calcium, but its high solubility allows fortification at levels that will meet the RDA for a serving. The ingredient can be used in products ranging from low-pH juices to neutral-pH foods, dissolving quickly and easily and remaining stable for the product’s life. It can be added directly to the water or preblended with other dry ingredients. The company also offers calcium gluconate and calcium citrate ingredients. – Jungbunzlauer Inc., (800) 828-0062,

Hold the Sugar

No-sugar-added fruit fillings add a natural fruit taste and a sense of indulgence to foods without excess sugar. The technology helps processors create greattasting, yet lower-carb products. – Kerry Americas, (800) 334-4788,

Say Gheesier

The Cheesy Culturoma(TM) products add a yummy cheesy flavor profile to dairy, bakery and snack foods. Available in specific cheese flavors such as Cheesy Cheddar, Cheesy Jack and Cheesy Parmesan, the dairy fat-based starter distillates result from natural dairy product fermentation and steam distillation. The shelf-stable products provide the rounded dairy top notes and base notes for flavor and mouthfeel. – DairyChem International Inc., (317) 849-8400,

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