History of espionage and support technology

History of espionage and support technology

Kruh, Louis

Owen, David. Hidden Secrets: A Complete History of Espionage. and the Technology Used to Support It. Firefly Books, 3680 Victoria Park Ave., Toronto, Ontario M2H 3KI CANADA. 2002. 224 pp. $24.95.

A fascinating overview of the history of espionage that examines the art and science of intelligence gathering by government and military organizations as well as the complex security measures put in place to keep secrets safe from prying eyes.

Divided into five sections, Owen reveals the history and future of espionage, its different disciplines, its successes and its failures: Human intelligence involving agents on the ground (HUMINT); Signal intelligence involving decryption of messages and analysis of traffic (SIGINT); Electronic intelligence including remote sensors and satellite surveillance (ELINT); Deliberate deceptions, misinformation and double agents (FALSE INTELLIGENCE); Airborne surveillance, satellites, space surveillance and the future of espionage including how intelligence is used to combat terrorism (IMINT).

Complementing his overview of European and American espionage in the last two centuries, Owen provides 46 Case Studies ranging from Sergeant John Honeyman, George Washington’s double agent, to Osama bin Laden. Case Studies in the SIGINT chapter include: The Zimmermann Telegram, Rommel’s American Agent, Finding the Convoys, Hoodwinking the Japanese, Cracking the Purple Ciphers, Breaking the Naval Enigma, “Ultra” in the Pacific, and Protecting the “Ultra” Secrets.

A very attractive feature of this book is the hundreds of color photographs and illustrations of people, events, equipment, technology, and much more.

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