The Leaf – Poetry – Brief Article

The Leaf – Poetry – Brief Article – Poem

Peter Ledermann


I found a bright leaf half yellow half red

laid to rest on its mossy green bed

halfway in this world halfway in the light

the spirit of the thing now coming in sight

Down by the side of the path where I walk

the tiniest daisies and cornflowers grow

little faces bent over (so I can’t hear them talk

of mortal fools and the world that they know)

For it is just us who part what is one

done up by our Father by us is undone

we worship His beauty, the author unheard

as we sleep through the day unaware of His word

So when the time comes to fall from the tree

I must be prepared for that is not me

that tumbles and sails the green earth so kind

only part of the one He sent me to find

Peter Ledermann worked for many years as an audio equipment designer, inventor, and researcher for the T. J. Watson IBM Research Center. He is currently President/Chief Engineer of the Soundsmith Corporation. He enjoys philosophy, humor, painting, writing, and traveling to observe nature.

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