People make difference in fighting bank attacks

People make difference in fighting bank attacks

Bankers are taking advantage of state budget deficits to mount attacks on credit unions in several states. But credit unions have one weapon banks don’t have-people, CUNA’s Future Forum attendees learned Oct. 1 at a “CUs Under Attack” panel.

“People are 10 times more important than money,” said New Mexico state Rep. Dan Foley. “People are the resource credit unions have over and above the bankers.” He noted that people who champion bankers are from within the industry, and credit unions can do the same thing by getting credit union employees in the state legislature. Writing a campaign check isn’t enough. Credit unions can take a better opportunity by offering to knock on doors and stuff envelopes.

The group suggested getting politically involved with Project Zip Code and Project Differentiation. “Utah had not done a good job on Project Zip Code until we did battle with the bankers,” said Scott Earl, president/CEO of the Utah League of CUs. “At the bare minimum, complete the process for Project Zip Code and Project Differentiation, and get a relationship with your own legislators.”

Richard Gose, CUNA’s vice president of political affairs, noted that Project Zip Code identified 42 million credit union members by zip code so credit unions can tell lawmakers how many members are in their constituency.

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