Wageroller – they’re on a roll

Wageroller – they’re on a roll

Wageroller, which offers its clients a revolving credit facility that pays a wage bill and PAYE commitments, has recently announced it 300th UK customer.

Wageroller’s UK success has sparked interest from abroad and its founder, Paul Breen, is planning to expand the company’s services into Europe.

Clients include start ups and small private companies through to listed companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. sectors vary also; from construction companies, to high street coffee shops, communications networks to several Premiership football clubs.

The company was launched as recently as 2006. CEO Paul Breen said: “Wageroller is filling an important gap in the market for business funding and it comes as no surprise that it has taken off has taken off in the UK. I believe that it will prove equally popular with SMEs outside this country.”

“Put simply, Wageroller is the future for companies looking to smooth out short-term disparities in cash-flow and facilitate rapid growth” concluded Breen.

Companies can ‘wageroll’ without affecting their use of existing, more traditional types of cash-flow financing services from banks and finance houses, be it factoring, invoice discounting, and bank overdrafts.

For further information, visit www.wageroller.com

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