How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

by John Brierley, Nigel Hill and Rob MacDougall Gower, paperback, 160pp, 125.00

ISBN 0 566 08193 8

Written by three practitioners from a company specialising in customer satisfaction measurement, this practical guide inevitably, but probably justifiably, places a heavy emphasis on the need to produce accurate measures if customer satisfaction management (CSM) programmes are to be effective,

This section goes through the steps needed to design and implement a CSM survey and highlights the common blunders to avoid and how to ensure that the

measures are accurate and credible. The other key features covered are the need to gain understanding and ‘ownership’ of the programme throughout the organisation and also the relationship between customer satisfaction and concepts like loyalty.

Useful appendices include telephone and internal survey questionnaires, together with a satisfaction benchmark.

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