Meister Publishing has A New Name

Meister Publishing has A New Name

Meister Publishing recently changed its name to Meister Media Worldwide to better reflect its global presence and wide ranging services.

FOR YEARS, Meister Publishing has kept readers up-to-date on important news in their agricultural communities through its publications. Today that tradition continues and expands under the company’s new name Meister Media Worldwide.

Cotton growers know full well how important a worldwide perspective has become these days as the majority of U.S. cotton now goes overseas. For years, Meister has given its readers a global perspective of happenings that might influence their businesses. In 1967, the company published its first international publication, Cotton International, the bible of world cotton industry. More recently, CI World Report magazine provides in-depth analysis of cotton’s movement from the bale to the bobbin. While Meister Media Worldwide is a new name, the company’s ties and knowledge of global markets is well established and will continue to grow in the future.

Beyond Paper and Ink

The company currently publishes 18 magazines. That’s a lot of paper, but that’s not all the company can do. Rapidly advancing technologies, is one of the very reasons the world has grown smaller and the global perspective of Meister Media Worldwide is so important to both its readers and advertisers. Throughout its history, the company has capitalized on technology to provide a wide range of multimedia services. The capabilities are evident in events such as the Cotton Grower Beltwide Luncheon. This is only a small slice of what Meister Media Worldwide offers to inform its consumers in new and creative ways.

“Digital technology, biotechnology and globalization are transforming all of the businesses we serve,” says Gary Fitzgerald, president of Meister Media Worldwide. “As their needs become more complex, it’s our our intent to take these services to the next level in order to lead those we serve through these exciting times.”

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