A cotton fellow moves on

A cotton fellow moves on

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Dr. Joe Johnson, the first post-doctoral applicant selected to participate in Cotton Incorporated’s “Fellowship” Program, specifically designed to attract the next generation of cotton breeders, has joined the USDA ARS Stoneville Breeding Laboratory to do just that. “We are not only pleased for Dr. Johnson, we are gratified to know the program works as intended,” states Dr. Roy Cantrell, vice president, Agricultural Research, Cotton Incorporated.

At his new post, Dr. Johnson will be gaining valuable experience under the tutelage of veteran cotton breeder/geneticist Dr. Bill Merridith while working on improving yield and fiber quality in future varieties.

“I owe so much to Cotton Incorporated,” says Johnson. “My interest in breeding and genetics couid have taken me into a variety of career options related to a variety of agricultural crops, but after speaking with Dr. Cantrell and his staff, my decision was made to participate in this ground breaking program for cotton.”

Research areas within the Fellowship Program encompass cotton population development and improvement, enhanced evaluation of cotton breeding material, and expanding DNA marker development and application.

To be considered for the Cotton Incorporated Fellowship program, a prospective candidate must have a strong academic background in plant breeding, plant genetics, plant molecular biology, agronomy or a related discipline.

Fellows will be at the core of expanded cooperative research projects ongoing at public institutions as part of this cotton breeding initiative.

There are currently eight Cotton Incorpoated Fellows in place, which include two postdoctoral and six Ph.D. students. In the future, they will play key roles in important advancements in cotton technology.

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