Intifada – Children of Palestine

Intifada – Children of Palestine – poem

Elizabeth Bernstein

Sullen smoke scowls low over Hopes’ blood, fighting back to the Heart of our rage … still pulsing In bruised and swollen ghettos.

We have wept a song of agony Upon time’s bitter lyre, plucking Chords of despair from pulverized Debris and scattered bones.

Defiant settlements draw a noose Around our necks, strangling life, While nations watch and offer prayer To lift this twilight of our soul.

Our cries of anguish will explode The world’s night with searing breath, When promises are slammed shut Before the face of God.

Our ghosts will bleed homeland yearning Into red-dawn silences, stalking through Tunnels of aborted dreams where tormented Earth will yawn up … the last dead.

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