Episode III Spoilers

Episode III Spoilers

Kind of like with Titanic, we already know how Star Wars: Episode III is going to end. We still want to see it, though. Hell, CGW’s offices will be closed the day the movie opens. As we’re all waiting for May to come, our spy network reports back with some of the latest information about what will be in Revenge of the Sith.

vWe’ll find out why all the Jedi disappeared.

vWho has been hiding Kamino from the Jedi and who ordered the clone army will be revealed.

vThe last 10 minutes, apparently, kick serious butt. It’ll be a bit of a cliff-hanger, in the usual Star Wars fashion. But since you know what happens from there on out, it’ll tug at the heartstrings. As long as there are no Gungans present, we’re cool.

vWe will not see any Jedi spirits, as we did in the original movies, but it will be explained why some Jedi have the ability to appear as spirits and others do not.

vThere are almost two decades between III and IV when the bulk of the Jedi hunting happens, so you won’t see hundreds of Jedi get wiped out onscreen. But you do see what starts this chain of events.

vEpisode III won’t detail how many Jedi are left. If there’s any spin-off material (comics, books, games—whatever), that could determine it.

v“George was only talking about C-3PO being the droid that had his memory erased, if my memory serves me correctly,” says one insider.

vSenator/Emperor Palpatine will not know about Luke and Leia at the end of Episode III.

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