2003 Games of the Year

2003 Games of the Year

Editors of CGW

The PC gaming event of 2003 is the one that didn’t happen: On September 30, 2003, Valve Software did not release Half-Life 2 as promised, thus depriving the gaming world of the one thing we had all—despite our varied interests and biases—united behind in excitement. Even our cousins here at the console gaming magazines grudgingly acknowledged that this was The Big One. Then it didn’t happen. And it still hasn’t.

The cool thing is that for PC gamers, it ended up not mattering a whole lot, because this was an incredible year. While recent years have seen a dearth of good Game of the Year candidates, 2003 proved to be a refreshingly frustrating opposite: There were more great games than we can possibly acknowledge here. In fact, it’s impossible and pointless to speculate whether Half-Life 2 would have run away with the awards had it shipped, because, well, we haven’t played it yet. And those games that did win this year are all more than worthy. Half-Life 2 would have had to be some kind of masterpiece, indeed, to have beaten the masterpiece that is our 2003 Game of the Year.

So, to both the winners and nominees, thanks for endless hours and sleepless nights of awesome entertainment. Now let’s pass out some awards.

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