The smallest star

The smallest star – Launch report: Kubistar

Neil Nixon

No need to adjust your glasses–this is Nissan’s latest member of its LCV range, the Kubistar, and yes, it does bear a striking resemblance to one or two other vehicles, such as Renault’s Kangoo.

The Kubistar completes the line-up for Nissan, and continues the company’s corporate identity, established by the Primastar and Interstar. Nissan’s vehicles now have a recognisable branding throughout the whole range.

The Kubistar works well as a practical LCV, but that will come as no surprise to anyone who has driven the Kangoo. An impressive load space, combined with a large cargo bay and low load floor, ensures that the vehicle meets the demanding needs of the small van operator.

The result is 2.75[m.sup.3] of load space, which expands to 3[m.sup.3] with the Modularity Pack. This pack features a swivel bulkhead and folding passenger seat which increases the load area and length while still offering the driver full bulkhead protection. It also includes a roof hatch for transporting ladders and other over-length items.

Robust side and back body mouldings guard against everyday knocks, while load bay wheel arch protectors and a rubber floor protect the inside. A 10.4m turning circle, assisted by power steering, makes for easy driving around town.

The Kubistar fits well into the Nissan range, and doesn’t look out of place sporting a Nissan badge. A top performer with a fine heritage


OTR PRICE: From 7500 [pounds sterling] + VAT

ENGINES: 1.2-litre petrol and 1.5-litre dCi

POWER: 1.2-litre: 60hp. 1.5-litre dCi: 57-82hp

TRANSMISSION: Five-speed manual


PAYLOAD: 625-800kg

VOLUME: 2.75[m.sup.3] (with folding bulkhead: 3.0[m.sup.3])


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