The toomey group: when you need some help solving your fleet problems, who should turn to?

The toomey group: when you need some help solving your fleet problems, who should turn to? – Advertisement Feature

We all need help from time to time and the fleet manager is no exception. More often than not the ‘fleet manager’ is nothing more than an existing employee given the extra, often onerous task, of looking after the company’s numerous vehicles.

But there could be some help at hand. The Toomey Group is able to offer a variety of funding options to help reduce the burden of fleet administration.

Toomey Hire & Leasing, Toomey Skyway and Toomey Eurolease all form part of The Toomey Group and have helped create a diverse company which also encompasses new and used car dealerships, export business, construction and leasing.

The three leasing companies are strategically located in the UK in order to provide a quality service underpinned by a local management structure in each location Toomey Hire & Leasing has been operating very successfully for over 30 years in Basildon, Essex. This has now been enhanced with the addition of Toomey Skyway, based irk Chester, which was bought in 1999 and Derby-based Toomey Eurolease, which was purchased in 2001.

“The addition of these new businesses has enabled us to expand the leasing group while retaining the brand and goodwill of these businesses,” says Peter Dance, Group Managing Director. “We have now developed groupwide policies including the supply of products and services This has been passed onto our customers in the form of reduced costs and improved service standards.

“We will continue to develop the leasing group and if any other acquisitions can complement the existing business we will pursue these opportunities. In the meantime the solid foundations will provide a long-term leasing business for the Group and our customers.”

Toomey Hire & Leasing

Toomey Hire & Leasing (THL), based in Laindon, Essex, is part of the Laindon Holdings group. THL was formed in 1973 by Peter Dance who remains the Managing Director.

THL’s strength has always been the service it gives its customers, and it prides itself on customer retention, given that it’s very first customers are still with it today.

Growth over the last 10 years has been progressive and THL has become one of the largest privately owned contract hire companies in the UK.

Patrick Tibbs, Director of Toomey Hire & Leasing, has been with the company 12 years and in that time has seen the sales force grow from two to 20 highly motivated and very experienced account managers. Most of these have been with THL for more than 6 years, giving customers a high level of continuity–and in today’s market place that is extremely important.

As a leasing company THL doesn’t just offer contract hire; it can offer all forms of finance, contract purchase, finance lease, lease purchase and personal contract purchase.

It can also provide all makes of cars and vans to customers throughout the UK.

Toomey Skyway Leasing

Toomey Skyway Leasing, the Chester-based contract hire company, was established in 1983 by Tim Wallace as a member of The Skyway Group.

Acquired by Laindon Holdings in 1999, the company has gone from strength to strength by developing new sales opportunities alongside the careful management of long-term key accounts, which include several UK household names.

Tim is supported by a small, highly experienced and long-serving team which provides a dedicated and professional service to all Skyway’s customers. Toomey Skyway Leasing provides all makes of cars and vans to customers throughout the UK.

Key areas of activity include:

* Contract Hire: With or without maintenance, contract hire allows companies to outsource the risks associated with both fleet ownership and fleet management Whatever the fleet size–we currently manage fleets from 7 to 700 vehicles–we provide equal care and attention to clients nationwide.

* Sale and Leaseback: For those companies looking at contract hire for the first time, sale and leaseback enables immediate access to the benefits of contract hire while at the same time raising capital to develop core activities.

* Personal Contract Purchase: Changes in company car taxation have altered the viability of the company car and what has traditionally been an obvious advantage may now be worth a second look. Personal Contract Purchase (or PCP) is becoming an increasingly popular way forward for both company car drivers and their employers.

Toomey Eurolease

Martin Wroe has been with the company since it was established in 1995 and has seen it develop by acquiring a number of smaller businesses.

“We are very keen to develop face-to-face relationships with our customers and to work closely with them in order to help produce a solution to their fleet requirements,” says Wroe.

In 1999 Eurolease began to operate a new service–Driver Line–aimed at the driver, offering a 24 hour seven days a week helpline. Driver Line directs drivers to the right service and helps provide service bookings for maintenance work All full maintenance contracts include Driver Line as well as Accident Management and full European assistance.

At Eurolease, account managers are responsible for all aspects of the business, not just the initial sale.

According to Wroe: “Account managers deal with any accounting and maintenance issues that arise end hold regular review meetings, We feel this makes for a better understanding of our customer requirements and this pays dividends for both parties in the long term.”

Never a company to sit back on its laurels Eurolease continues to look at expansion In the last two years it has absorbed Fleetsave Vehicle Management, Horns Contract Hire and New Crown Leasing.

Internally, Eurolease has centralised both its maintenance and its accounting functions which has enabled it to improve purchasing terms while leaving the operational issues with the day-to-day management, helping to produce closer working relationships with its customers.

Toomey Hire & Leasing Ltd Service House West Mayne Basildon Essex SS156RW Tel: 01268 544077 Fax: 01268 886701 Email: Director Patrick Tibbs

Toomey Skyway Leasing Ltd Viscount House River Lane Saltney Chester CH4 8RH Tel: 01244 675005 Fax: 01244 678338 Email: Director Tim Wallace

Toomey Eurolease Ltd Sheridan House 11 Vernon Street Derby DE1 1FR Tel: 01332 205828 Fax: 01332 299159 Email: Director Martin Wroe

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