RAC Auto Windscreens aims to sack car crime – news

RAC Auto Windscreens aims to sack car crime – news – Brief Article

OVER 600,000 DRIVERS WILL HAVE their cars broken into this year if Home Office figures for 2001 are repeated. But this number could be halved if drivers hide valuable out of sight, says RAC Auto Windscreens.

According to the Home Office data over 50% of all car crime is opportunistic, leading to the conclusion that if personal items such as mobile phones and CDs are stowed away, smash and grab thefts could be substantially reduced.

For fleet managers, a car break-in means headaches and inconvenience. RAC Auto Windscreens replaced over 200,000 side and rear windows last year as a result of break-ins, prompting it to join forces with the Home Office in an attempt to raise awareness of the problem.

In order to encourage drivers to adopt an out-of-sight, out-of-reach approach, RAC Auto Windscreens has launched the Safe Sack — a bright orange drawstring bag in which valuables can be stored out of temptation’s way.

The idea of the Safe Sack was borne out of research carried out by the company which discovered that seven out of 10 car owners admitted being risk takers, regularly leaving their belongings in full view.

Nearly half said that they were too busy to take precautions while a quarter said they simple forgot. A third said they didn’t have anywhere to put their valuables.

Company car drivers tend to have a somewhat complacent approach, with many adopting the attitude that the car, and often much of the contents, does not belong to them.

“Fleet car drivers that fall into this trap are setting themselves up for a rude awakening,” said Richard Usher, marketing and communications director of RAC Auto Windscreens. “A great many companies do not offer contents insurance on their company cars or, if they do, the excess is so high as to be virtually worthless. In the case of the sales rep, who may have a number of expensive samples as well as a laptop, the cost could run into thousands of pounds.”

The Safe Sack is available to all car fleet managers at any of RAC Auto Windscreens 161 fitting centres upon production of a valid driving licence. Call the Sack Line on 0800 587 6820.

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