Fuel economy is ‘vital’ for used car sales

Fuel economy is ‘vital’ for used car sales

STRONG FUEL ECONOMY is becoming an increasingly important factor in used car purchase decisions, according to new research.

A special survey of used car dealers for CAP Black Book found that fuel economy is a ‘vital’ element in the choice of car for 41% of retail used car customers. The majority–50% of retail buyers–named good fuel consumption as ‘desirable’ while just 9% considered it ‘unimportant’.

The survey also breaks the results down regionally to reveal variations. The most balanced spread of attitudes–from ‘vital’ to ‘unimportant’–is found in the West Midlands. Here the majority cited fuel economy as ‘desirable’, with equally small minorities claiming it to be ‘vital’ or ‘unimportant’.

Elsewhere there is a universal bias toward engine economy, the strongest found in Northern Ireland, where 80% of respondents believe it is a ‘vital’ ingredient in used car choice. This is followed by the North East and Yorkshire & Humberside where 70% and 60% respectively scored lower fuel consumption as vital.

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