206 goes to rally school

206 goes to rally school – news

RALLY SCHOOLS AT Octagon Motorsports’ Silverstone and Brands Hatch circuits are to use Peugeot’s 206 out on the racetracks.

Already successful at this year’s World Rally Championship, the 206 will be used to train budding pro drivers. The two circuits have each taken delivery of 12 of the Peugeot 206 XS, based on the 206 Super Cup car. The 206s will be operated by Octagon Motorsports, which runs the schools at both racetracks.

Chris Epstein, group engineering manager at Octagon, said: “The cars have been stripped to their bare shell and rebuilt as rally cars, with full roll cages and a fire safety system, sports seats and harnesses, as well as other components including a more robust close ratio rally gearbox and rally suspension set-up.”

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