ACB Partners releases bank Internet security study

ACB Partners releases bank Internet security study

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ACB Partners, Inc. will release a study of community banks’ Internet security systems on Jan. 1.

The study, conducted by SecurePipe, an internet security service and ACB Partner, will show where breaches have taken place and how surveyed institutions could diminish threats to existing IT systems.

The assessment will focus on:

* Protection from external intrusion over their Internet connections.

* Management of e-mail virus threats.

* Internet IT security policies, practices and internet service provider issues.

*Qualitative business risks if a security breach occurs.

Frequency, type and origin of unauthorized attack attempts.

* Non-work related web surfing activities an potential productivity loss.

A recent overview of approximately 60 SecurePipe clients showed that the number of Internet security threats varied greatly between banks, with no clear pattern among regions or asset size. The survey found that most banks studied averaged three security incidents per day, or more than 84 incidents per month.

The random sampling showed that threats in Chicago and New York were actually fewer than among banks located in rural regions. “It doesn’t matter whether your bank is in New York City or rural Texas, the threats remain generally the same,” said SecurePipe Managing Director Lawrence Levine. He suggested that-as a rule-diligence against security breaches is the best defense against cyber break-ins.

“The job of managing Internet security is one that requires constant diligence,” Levine said. “It’s not like paying your bills, you can’t just wait for them to pile up.”

For more information call SecurePipe at (877) 248-1632.

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