Workers’ compensation for non-profit staff and volunteers proposed in Man

Workers’ compensation for non-profit staff and volunteers proposed in Man

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba legislative committee recommends that the province’s Workers Compensation Act be amended to permit non-profit and charitable organizations. The cost of optional coverage for their volunteers would be based on risk and prevention models for volunteers.

These were among the 100 recommendation put forward in the first review of Act in 20 years. This extension of coverage should be brought into effect after employers and volunteers in these organizations have had a full and free opportunity for consultation and discussion. This dialogue should be initiated by the WEB. The report also recommended that

* Directors be considered employers for purposes of the immunity;

* Individuals engaged in work-experience programs are considered to be workers.

The report also calls for:

* A vigorous program by the WCB to encourage low-risk workplaces to opt into WCB coverage.

* removing the limit on insurable income.

* employers who employ 25 or more full-time or regular part-time workers be obligated to reemploy injured or ill workers; and accommodate the worker by modifying the work or the workplace, unless such accommodation causes the employer undue hardship.

The Manitoba Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is critical of the committee report for worker. The CCPA points out that obstacles to receiving compensation remain where a multiplicity of causes for disability, in addition to a work situation continue. Compensation is provided only where the workplace is the major cause.

The experience rating system, the basis for premiums paid by employers remains and continues to-encourage employers to to protect themselves from higher payroll costs.

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