The publications listed below are for information purposes only. To obtain copies contact the publisher. The entries in this section are listed free of charge and are limited to material published in Canada and by Canadian authors. Publishers and organizations wishing to enter their publications are advised to provide a telephone number. (AIF=available in French: E/F=English and French)

The seventh generation: bringing hope to Aboriginal children and their families. Kenn Richard, Executive Director, Native Child and Family Services, Toronto.

Are we doing enough? A status report on Canadian public policy and child and youth health. Canadian Pediatric Society, Ottawa.

Universal drug benefits for seniors: unnecessary, unsustainable and unfair. Fraser Institute, Toronto.

Planning human resources in health care: towards an economic approach an international comparative review. Karen Bloor, Alan Maynard. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, Ottawa.

Income security: barriers to disability benefits for homeless and underhoused people. Street Haven, Toronto.

Welfare income 2004. National Council of Welfare Reports. Ottawa. Spring 2005

Fire safety for people with disabilities, Canadian Paraplegic Association, Toronto. $20

2005-06 directory of self-help and peer support groups in the lower mainland of British Columbia. (kit)

It’s a matter of rights, (book/CD) Community Living Essex County, Windsor. $10

A guide for culturally-focused early intervention therapy programs for aboriginal children & families in British Columbia, BC. Aboriginal Child Care Society, Vancouver. www.acc-society.bc.c

Australian international academic conference on motherhood, 2001 : University of Queensland. Motherhood : power and oppression, edited by Marie Porter, Patricia Short, Andrea O’Reilly. Toronto : Women’s Press. Papers originally presented at the Australian International Academic Conference on Motherhood held at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. ISBN 0-88961-454-7

Heureux divorce. Gabrielle Brisson. Ottawa : Novalis. ISBN 2-89507-688-X

La cite assiegee. Jean-Paul Coupal. Montreal : Jean-Paul Coupal. ISBN 2-9805529-8-4

Beyond ape: enabling democracy with better measures of social well-being. Karen Frecker. Toronto. Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. (The Kiessling papers) ISBN 0-7727-7901-5

Room for thought. Avi Friedman. Toronto : Penguin. ISBN 0-14-305004-4 $24.00

Multicultural nationalism : civilizing difference, constituting community. Gerald Kernerman. Vancouver : UBC Press. (Law and society) ISBN 0-7748-1000-9

Quand les femmes aimeront les hommes : latin des malentendus. Odile Lamouree. Montreal : Editions de l’Homme. ISBN 2-7619-2101-1

Sex change, social change : reflections on identity, institutions and imperialism. Viviane Namaste. Toronto. Women’s Press. ISBN 0-88961-452-0 $24.95

Don’t get too comfortable. David Rakoff. Toronto : Doubleday Canada. ISBN 0-385-66185-1 $29.95

Working class hero. John St. John. Nelson, B.C. : Deep Water Press. ISBN 0-9731795-4-6 $22.95

Bebe joue et apprend : 160 jeux et activites pour les enfants de 0 a 3 ans. Penny Warner. Reedition. Montreal : Editions de l’Homme. Traduction de: Baby play & learn. ISBN 2-7619-2162-3

Access and benefit sharing of genetic resources : the “S&T Agenda” Experts’ Workshop. Ottawa : Environment Canada. ISBN 0-662-69029-X

Female enterprise in the new economy. Karen D. Hughes. Toronto : University of Toronto Press. ISBN 0-8020-8672-1 $24.95

Bud Inc. : inside Canada’s marijuana industry. Ian Mulgrew. Toronto : Random House Canada. ISBN 0-679-31329-X $35.00

Recruiting and retaining persons with disabilities in British Columbia : an employer handbook. Victoria, British Columbia, Ministry of Human Resources. Co-published by: HRMA. ISBN 0-7726-5249-X

Competition law for non-competition lawyers : materials prepared for the Continuing Legal Education seminar, Competition law for non-competition lawyers: an intensive review, held in Vancouver, B.C. on June 9, 2005. course instructor, Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. ISBN 1-55258-401

Consolidated British Columbia family law statutes. Trudi L. Brown, consulting editor. Toronto : Carswell. ISBN 0-459-24258-X $99.00

L’influence de la pratique quotidienne du notariat sur l’evolution de la legislation quebecoise. Francois Frenette. Montreal : Editions Themis. ISBN 2-89400-207-6

A guide to consent and capacity law in Ontario. D’Arcy Hiltz, Anita Szigeti. Markham, ON. LexisNexis Butterworths. ISBN 0-433-45002-9 $57.00

Family law : practice and procedure. JoAnn Kurtz. Toronto : Emond Montgomery Publications. Includes text of Children’s Law Reform Act and Family Law Act (for Ontario) and Divorce Act (for Canada) ISBN 1-55239-171-X $60.00

Advising the older client. Ann Soden. Markham, ON. LexisNexis Butterworths. ISBN 0-433-43030-3

Droit de la famille. Michel Tetrault. Cowansville, Quebec. Editions Y. Blais. ISBN 2-89451-842-0

Caring for school age children. Phyllis M. Click, Jennifer Parker, Deborah Stone-Zukowski. Toronto : Nelson. ISBN 0-17-640630-1 $61.95

Getting by in a silent world : the life and times of Jack the barber. Jack L. Cooke. Markham, ON. Stewart Pub., 2005. ISBN 1-894183-68-1 $35.00

Cross-cultural caring : a handbook for health professionals. Edited by Nancy Waxler-Morrison … [et al.]. Vancouver UBC Press. ISBN 0-7748-1255-9 $85.00

Culture-infused counselling : celebrating the Canadian mosaic. Editors, Nancy Arthur and Sandra Collins. Calgary. Counselling Concepts. ISBN 0-9738085-0-0 $89.95

Encyclopedia of Canadian social work. Francis J. Turner, editor. Waterloo, ON, : Wilfrid Laurier University Press. ISBN 0-88920-436-5 $150.00

Riding the third rail : the story of Ontario’s health services restructuring commission, 19662000. Margaret Leatt, Mark Rochon and Duncan Sinclair. Montreal, Institute for Research on Public Policy. ISBN 0-88645-197-3

Tara’s guide to adoptive families are families for keeps. Jennifer Lee, Lissa Cowan. Vancouver : Groundwork Press. ISBN 0-9735444-6-5 $12.95

Local government guide for improving market housing affordability. Victoria, B.C. Housing Policy Branch. ISBN 0-7726-5323-2

Aging in Alberta : rhetoric and reality. Herbert C. Northcott. Calgary : Detselig Enterprises. ISBN 1-55059-278-5 $24.95

Conflict management in law enforcement. James Pardy. Toronto : Emond Montgomery Publications. ISBN 1-55239-106-X $54.00

Dragonslippers : this is what an abusive relationship looks like. Rosalind Penfold. Toronto : Penguin. ISBN 0-14-305020-6 $20.00

Alcoholic addict :from inner turmoil to inner peace. Doug S. Chemainus, B.C. : Serenity Pub. ISBN 0-9736278-1-6 $17.95

Secondary suites : a guide for local governments. Victoria, B.C. Housing Policy Branch. ISBN 0-7726-5322-4

Social problems & the quality of life. Robert H. Lauer … [et al.]. Canadian ed. Whitby, ON : McGraw-Hill Ryerson. ISBN 0-07-093991-8 $63.95

Social work in health and mental health : issues, developments, and actions. Edited by Tuula Heinonen and Anna Metteri. Toronto, Canadian Scholar’s Press. ISBN 1-55130-278-0 $37.95

Standing together : women speak out about violence and abuse. Edited by Linda Goyette. Edmonton : Brindle & Glass Pub. ISBN 1-897142-11-0 $24.95

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